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Mehrzweckhubschrauber Bell Uh1b

Bell Uh1b multipurpose helicopter

Multi-purpose helicopter Bell UH1b - The original:The Bell UH1b Iroquois (Huey) is a light multi-purpose helicopter that was extremely popular and successful in both military and civilian use. In 1959 the first machines were manufactured and...

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Raketenjäger Messerschmitt Me163b

Messerschmitt Me163b rocket fighter

Messerschmitt Me163b rocket fighter - The original:The Messerschmitt Me163b rocket fighter was developed at the end of World War II and built by Messerschmitt. It should serve to intercept enemy bombers with kamikaze maneuvers. Through the...

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Class 1 Powerboat “Negotiator”

Class 1 Powerboat “Negotiator”

Class 1 Powerboat “Negotiator” - The original:The original Cass 1 Powerboat “Negotiator” is a 14 meter long racing catamaran. As with the model, the fuselage is made of carbon. The original is powered by two Lamborghini engines with 900 hp each...

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Forschungs-U-Boot Delta

Research Submarine Delta

Research submarine Delta - The original:The research submarine Delta is a small two-man research submarine. It is operated by Delta Oceanographics in California. Since entering service in 1984, the Delta has successfully completed over 6700 dives without...

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Forschung-U-Boot Deep Rover

Research submarine Deep Rover

Research submarine Deep Rover - The original:The research submarine Deep Rover DR1002 is a 2-man research submarine. It was produced by Deep Ocean Engineering in the USA. The rovers became known through their use in various Hollywood films as well as...

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